Disc Replacement Hospital


At Special Clinic for Orthopedics their commitment to quality, combined with the latest technology improvements and expertise, provides superior results in a world class patient destination.

Special Clinic for Orthopedics is an orthopedic hospital serving the local community as well as International patients. The Hospital has 110 beds and 168 staff.

Hospital Tour Video

Please take a quick tour of our facility.

Special Clinic for Orthopedics can be reached by plane via the Bremen Airport (airport code is BRE).

Other Videos: Surgery Week One Arrival and Hospital Stay and Week Two Hotel Stay and Return Home

Special Clinic for Orthopedics also does Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement.

Special Clinic for Orthopedics is a certified EndoCert Hospital.

Special Clinic for Orthopedics has committed itself to consistently review the treatment results of their arthroplasty operations, to detect complications and to participate in the Endoprothesis Register.

Only facilities that meet the requirements and prove this during a two-day audit can be certified.