Disc Replacement Success Story - Justin

Justin | Multi-Level Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement | August 2017

I’m 4 weeks postop from a 2 level lumbar M6 Artificial Disc Replacement.  I’m very happy with the results performed by Dr. Ritter-Lang.  Two years ago I was running marathons, playing tennis and everything stopped after having low back pain.

I tried everything and nothing helped.  My low back pain got so bad I couldn’t leave my house for 4 months.  My friend Jeff told me his wife had a similar issue and she told me about Stenum hospital.  I filled out some forms online and Colleen Gibson called me the next day.

When I arrived at Bremen Airport, a driver picked us up.  The next day I met with Melanie, Dr. Ritter-Lang and 3 other international patients with similar issues (Jim, Heather, and Moh).  We shared our stories and it was like talking to a mirror.  I had my surgery on Thursday and I was walking Saturday morning.  The following Tuesday, a driver took us to Park Hotel, where I worked with Hans and Marcel (massage therapist and physical therapist).  They are both excellent. 

I’m finally back home and walking 4 miles a day.  In 6 months, I’m hoping I can start running and playing tennis again. I feel like I was given a second chance and I only wish more people knew about Dr. Ritter-Lang’s expertise. Thank you very much.