Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Reviews

Dr. David Noonan | M6 Cervical Disc Replacement C5-6 C6-7 | May 2013

I have researched and found the Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement to be the best bet for long term outcome because of its ability to mimic the movements of the natural disc.

Mugurel | Cervical Disc Replacement C4-C7 | November 2014
It is now 6 months after having surgery with Dr. Ritter-Lang This was a three level Artificial Disc Replacement c4 through c7 with The Spinal Kinetics M6 disk replacement.

Kurt | M6 Cervical Disc Replacement C6-7 C7-T1 | October 2011

I researched " The Best spinal surgeon in the world " And there was Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang! Thank God!

The Operation was a snap! I was out of bed the next day! And riding a bicycle on the fourth day! We flew home the tenth day with absolutely NO PAIN! Amazing!!!

David | M6 Cervical Disc Replacement C4-5 C5-6 C6-7 | June 2012

"M6 From Spinal Kinetics was clearly the best option"
"Dr. Ritter-Lang was the best solution" 
"The care at The Hospital truly exceeded my expectations"

Louis | Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement C3-4 C6-7 | October 2011
The M6-C worked! Although some muscles were uncomfortable at times, by 62 days I was totally pain free from the belly up. I hadn't felt this good since July 1997. A year later in 2012, I am doing so much more than ever expected by the US doctors. I am totally satisfied.
Please schedule your consultations through Jim Rider and Sue Hart; they are the go to people for scheduling and coordination.

Kirk | M6 Cervical Disc Replacement at C5-6, above fusion | Jan 2007
Jan 11, The most painful part was the insertion of the first IV (which really wasn't too bad, thanks to Dr. Geller). The surgery took about an hour and a half. Next thing Kirk knew, he was in the wakening Room, just adjacent to the surgical theatres. With the weather warming up, Kirk is planning to do some jumps, as time permits. This may take a little warming up, but it is now quite reasonable to consider. It is hard to even remember that, before surgery, the pain made these activities, simply, unthinkable.

Richard | L4/L5 & C6/C7 Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement | June 2013
Here I am now at the 3 month mark and all is still amazing!
My mood is better, I am happier, I stand straighter, I am able to do things that I only did with trepidation before.
I have my Life Back!