Artificial Disc Replacement
Advanced disc replacement implants now available offer improved safety and a "Quality of Motion" that makes them truly deserve the title
"Artificial Disc".

Quality of Motion
Disc replacement technology has come a long way in recent years and thousands of fusions are now being avoided. Improved disc replacement implants now provide a natural "Quality of Motion" unlike any of the early disc replacement implant designs.

Unlike the early disc replacement designs, the advanced disc replacement implants now available offer improved end-plate fixation, reducing implant migration and the risk of revision surgery. These disc replacement implants also have motion control, to reduce post-op hyper-activity and long term complications caused by early ball-in-socket disc replacement implants, which have been found to stress facet joints, ligaments, and muscles causing future complications. These next generation disc replacement products also have added the safety of shock absorption, to prevent injury to adjacent structures.

Yes, we can now do multi-level disc replacement, lumbar and cervical disc replacement, all without many of the complications involved with fusion and early disc replacement products still in use today.

We are now offering the breakthrough Spinal Kinetics M6 disc replacement implant for the Cervical and Lumbar spine. The first disc replacement implant to truly deserve the title "Artificial Disc". This implant achieves the ultimate goal of replicating the healthy human disc. By providing shock absorption and graded variable motion resistance, the M6 disc replacement works in concert with the remaining human discs, to provide the best possible outcome. This "Quality of Motion" is a major benefit not available in any other disc replacement implant we have seen!

Are you confused about what treatment is the best option for you?
Exploring your international options will open your eyes to options you likely would not be offered locally.
Maybe you have been told you are not a candidate for Disc Replacement. You could be considering a temporary solution like discetomy, laminectomy or laser surgery. Some are told that fusion is their only option in error.

Evaluations can be done easily by mailing your images to us.
In order to determine what treatment is right for you, you need a comprehensive evaluation, done by our team of surgeons, who are experienced with the full range of globally available options.
Our surgeons will provide you a complete written evaluation (diagnosis and surgery plan) free of charge.

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Why is our solution better?
In the last decades medical technology has moved forward at a faster than ever pace. Yet many surgeons remain stuck in the past, using outdated disc replacement technology, or simply limited by regulation.
Due to US regulatory restrictions, limitations of the approved disc replacement products, and the inexperience of many surgeons, many patients will be exposed to unnecessary risk, get debilitating fusion surgery, or continue to suffer needlessly. Most, never knowing there are better options available, and surgeons with the experience and technology required to help them.
Many surgeons still think disc replacement is a new and unproven technology.
This is far from the truth!
Some still think disc replacement is only a single level solution or are using outdated high risk disc replacement implants.
Don't take any chances!
Get an evaluation by experienced Disc Replacement surgeons, using all the up to date technology now!

Tragically, patients with severe loss of disc space, previous surgeries, more than one level needed, and many other factors may be excluded from disc replacement surgery in error. Additionally, it is quite likely that single level procedures are often performed when multi-level indications exist, resulting in poor results and risky second surgeries. Don't risk a single level procedure if you have multi-level indications. Read your reports! Many multi-level Disc Replacements are performed with great success, and L3-4 or Cervical disc replacements are quite common.

You need a surgeons with the experience and freedom to consider all the affected levels, all the treatment options and implants available, and create a total multi-level solution, as needed, without bias or restriction.
Our Surgeon Dr. Ritter-Lang will create your spine solution from an extensive list of globally available device options. Disc replacement at levels adjacent to previously fused levels, even multi device disc replacement plus fusion procedures, for more advanced multi-level cases, are done with great success.
Even multi-level solutions that include Disc Replacement, Disc Nucleus Augmentation and new Fusion Technology, as appropriate for each individual level, are offered.
Disc replacement surgery requires a high level of experience, to get the correct diagnosis and surgery plan, avoid risks to vital organs, and carefully balance proper implant placement with the resulting impact of the procedure on the spine.

Quality of Life
The goal of disc replacement is to return the patient to an active high quality life.
Disc Replacement, developed in Germany over 20 years ago, is now the new gold standard, and has all but eliminated the debilitating tragedy of spinal fusion (except in the US, where this process has been slowed by regulation).
These surgeons have taken disc replacement to the next level, with improved implants (not yet available in the US) high risk revision surgeries have all but been eliminated, and disc replacement is now used to create multi-level solutions for both the lumbar and cervical spine. Even with fusion and adjacent to existing fusion!
Our surgeons can go beyond simple disc replacement or fusion to create a complete multi-level spine solution which can include combinations of the best disc replacment technology, stabilization, fusion, and other treatments, if needed.

Cervical Disc Replacement
See Spinal Kinetics M6 Cervical Disc
Lumbar Disc Replacement
See Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar Disc
Over 25,000 Spinal Kinetics M6 discs have been implanted worldwide
with no implant failures or migrations to date.
We find that 95% of M6 patients report significant pain reduction and symptom relief.

Dr. Ritter-Lang has placed over 5,000 ADR implants and was the first to implant the Spinal Kinetics M6 disc replacement. Choose your surgeons carefully!
Getting the best implant and an experienced surgeon is critical!

Quality of Care
Our surgeons use KTQ certified facilities to provides the most advanced spine solutions and disc replacement implants available worldwide.
Dr. Ritter-Lang is among an elite group of the most experienced Disc Replacement surgeons in the world, and has dedicated his career to the sub-specialty of Disc Replacement. Choosing the team that is going to do your surgery is of crucial importance. Our team is well trained with the latest implant technology, is highly experienced, and is doing the procedure frequently. Experience has proven that a surgical team that does more of a specific procedure will have less complications and better outcomes for their patients.

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Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement Success Stories

Clare County Sheriff John Wilson
Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L4-5 | January 2013
Clare County Sheriff John Wilson is back at work after disc replacement surgery that he calls a "miracle."

I had been suffering and struggling with lower back issues since 2004, when I was hurt during an altercation with a Michigan Department of Corrections parolee.

He said his sister Kathy Balzer had a co-worker who told her about her husband's similar problems. He had gone to Dr. Ritter-Lang for Disc Replacement Surgery which was a great success.
Today I'm back to lifting light weights, walking, and doing physical therapy only eight weeks after major back surgery. What this means to me is that I should have 100% recovery and I'm already pretty close to being there.

Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1 | June 2012
My name is Brad I am thirty nine years young and have lived with back pain for fifteen years even after two failed discectomy's and a laminectomy's. I came across many different types of disc replacements and none of the implants showed anything that replicated a natural disk and with minimized facet wear. The thought a fusion was out of the question because test show eventual the disk below and the disk above the fusion fail and all the rest were the ball and socket design. I had my multi level Spinal Kinetics M6 ADR lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement at levels L4/L5 and the L5/S1, procedure was performed June 22, 2012 by Dr. Ritter-Lang, just under eight weeks ago. Today is 10/8/12 and I would consider myself completely healed. For the last two weeks I have been running with my girls on the soccer field and participating in some light gym activities. I don’t think of myself of ever having a back issue anymore.

I was still having severe leg pain and mechanical back pain that increased as I walked. It was found that I had a complete collapse of my L5-S1 disc space. So I sent my films to Dr. Ritter-Lang this time. Dr. Ritter-Lang suggested disc replacement at L5-S1 and possibly at L4-L5.
The day of the surgery I was able to get out of bed and walk around my room. The day after I was walking the halls of the hospital. My back pain is and has been gone since the surgery. I still have some pain in my legs and of course my neck and shoulders. I am totally happy that I went to Dr. Ritter-Lang. I feel that my back is fixed and I only wish I could have done it sooner and also have had my neck done there as well.
More than likely I will be having disc replacement done on my neck by Dr. Ritter-Lang in the future especially if things continue to worsen. No matter what, the only people that will touch me concerning my neck will be Dr. Ritter-Lang. I strongly recommend Dr. Ritter-Lang.

Christopher|Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L5-S1 | May 2010

I was involved in a car accident where I was struck in the drivers door. I received injuries to my neck, left arm and lumbar spine.
Nine months after the accident with my symptoms getting worse by the day, I went ahead with a fusion at the C5-C6 level in the US. I came through the fusion surgery still having the same pain I had before and later found out from a new MRI that because of the fusion I had now more damage in my neck.

Richard | L4-L5 & C6-C7 Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement
June 2013 | October 2011
After having had a Discectomy at L4/L5 back in 2001 I had a couple of good years with no pain. Then, pain started coming back. As the years progressed the pain just kept getting worse and worse.
So, after doing much Research and finding a place that did Laser Surgery where they remove more of the Disc, I could not see that doing me any good as I would keep losing Disc Space just to delay the issue into the future and the only other option was a Fusion! Then I found Doctor Ritter-Lang's site.
When I woke up I was confused, did they do anything?
I don't feel anything, no pain, no restrictions, no nothing! Nothing bad that was. After my original Discectomy Surgery I could not move for over a week and if I moved wrong I went into great pain. Not fun! This time I could move, I could sit up, it was like before I had a bad back! I Did more walking in that week than I have been able to do in the past 2 plus years!
Updated: Oct 1, 2013
Here I am now at the 3 month mark and all is still amazing!
My mood is better, I am happier, I stand straighter, I am able to do things that I only did with trepidation before. I have my Life Back!

Mike | Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1 | April 2011
I’m a 52 year old physically active (hiking, biking, sand-volleyball, low-weight-lifting, golf, etc.) male, who was diagnosed in 1998 with Disc Degeneration Disease (DDD) in the lumbar region of spine. At first, there was just minor back pain along with numbness in left foot and toes.
My doctor warned,” fusion” was to be avoided at all costs as the good discs surrounding the fused area would likely collapse within several years and the symptoms would return.
I learned about Doctor Ritter-Lang and the Spinal Kinetics M6 disc replacement. The M6-L disc replacement construction and Dr. Ritter-Lang’s success rate implanting the next generation M6-L disc replacement appealed to the “engineer” in me, plus an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon near my home, who could only employ FDA approved first generation disc replacement's (the oldest disc replacement technology), recommended Dr. Ritter-Lang!
I’m here to tell you, the very next day after the disc replacement surgery, all the back pain was gone, almost all the leg numbness was gone.
Now sixteen weeks after the April, 2011 disc replacement surgery, I have no physical restrictions, where I have returned to four plus mile mountain hikes, cycling sixty plus miles a week, playing sand-volleyball, playing golf, etc. all pain free. Thank you Dr. Ritter-Lang and Spinal Kinetics for your superior disc replacement implant, procedure and quality care, my life is now great.

Judge Les Hatch | 237th District Court|Lubbock Texas
Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L5-S1 | October 2010
Pre-surgery: Constant low back pain, especially when extending, and "painful numbness" in outside of left foot. Slightly exacerbated with prolonged sitting and exercise. MRI revealed severe degenerative disc disease at L5-S1.
Experience in the hospital: Very comfortable. Facility was clean and appropriate. All staff, including physicians, were friendly and accomodating. All questions answered and I did not feel rushed.
Today (7 weeks out) I am pain free in low back. This Friday I am released from all restrictions and look forward to resuming my active lifestyle.
Overall, I am a success story and would recommend Dr. Ritter-Lang without hesitation

Jeff  | 1st Lieutenant US Marine Corps
Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1 | February 2010
I am an active duty Marine officer with an extemely physical lifestyle and needed the best treatment possible. Already having three laminectomies under my belt I was suffering exteme pain in my lower back during physical activity.

Immediately after the surgery Dr. Ritter-Lang came by to tell me the results of the surgery. He was really cool and told me everything went great, a textbook surgery. All the nurses and staff were outstanding, and the food was pretty good. The last week there I was walking around pretty good and starting going to the gym in the hotel. The doctors told me not to workout for about 8-10 weeks, but honestly I started my regular routine at about week 5.

I am in the best shape of my life right now, and feel great with absolutely no back pain whatsoever. About 12 weeks after surgery I almost had a perfect physical fitness test, which consists of a 3-mile, pull-ups and sit-ups. I have no limitations at all and can do anything my job requires me too, which can be alot. This surgery saved my lifestyle. It wouldn't have been possible without all the extremely professional people Dr. Ritter-Lang has working for him. I would especially like to thank Dr. Ritter-Lang for his skills, and my family for their unrelenting support during the whole process. Thanks everyone!

Brooke | M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1|October 2009
I had Degenerative Disc Disorder in L4-L5 and L5-S1, due to an accident. I was told my only treatment option was a two level fusion, which I did not want to have.
I had a very good experience, everyone was knowledgeable, kind and helpful, from the head surgeons to the nurses. After surgery, I no longer have the pain I had before.

Update 2011: It has been two years since I had my
Disc Replacement surgery and I wanted to write an update. I am now completely pain free and have full mobility and range of motion.

I have returned to being completely active and now regularly practice yoga and dance. In the past year, I learned to surf and I started doing acrobatic yoga. These are two activities that I never imagined I would be able to try before surgery. Artificial Disc Replacement changed my life. Now, I have moved back to NYC and am back to pursuing a career as an actress and a dancer. Though the surgery and recovery were incredibly intense, it was all worth it and I would absolutely do it again.

Jim | Patient Consultant | Disc Replacement L4-5 | April 2003
After years of suffering I was asking myself Disc Replacement vs Fusion?
In the end I avoided fusion, discovered Disc Replacement,
went to  Dr. Ritter-Lang and had a wonderful experience.

I awoke in the ICU, their version of a recovery room, soon after surgery and was told all had gone well. There was no back pain to speak of, due to a nice morphine drip, although I had a true sense that my disc pain was gone.
6 months since my disc replacement surgery and all is well, riding my bike, playing soccer, skiing next week! Still don't think heavy lifting is a good idea, although there is no pain to speak of. No meds, not even a Tylenol!

One year since ADR! Life is good, skiing, bike riding, rode all the rollercoasters an Disney World last week, basketball turns out to be a little painful the next day, I can lift 55lbs (my daughter) now, no problem. ADR is the best thing I ever did for myself!

Update: August, 2014 Well, for some years now I have been having increased pain in my back, mild but annoying. After consultation and x-rays it appears I am developing what is defined as facet arthrosis from post-op hyper-activity of the Charite disc. It seems this is caused by the design of these early ball-in-socket disc replacement implants. I have been using natural anti-inflamitories for my other joints for years and this seems to be enough to control this pain.

Jim is now your Patient Consultant for Disc Replacement
Call him at 541-840-9470, pacific time or contact at

Curtis | Multi-Level Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L3-S1 | October 2015

“By day three I was walking”    Forget Fusion!

Skiing, Sledding, and More after 3-Level Artificial Disc Replacement.

“The medical care is top notch”

Ironman Triathlete 12 years post Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery! Watch the video > >

Mike Banks | Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement | April 2017

Lumbar ADR patient Mike Banks sent us a video, working out 10 months post op. Mike tells us his therapist had him doing weights at 5 weeks, and he returned to what he calls "hard core" weights at month 6! Mike was reimbursed by Blue Cross! More info on Insurance Coverage for Disc Replacement > >

As many of you may (or may not) know after 8 months of being nearly bed ridden from a collapsed disc and degenerative disc disease I received a lumbar (L4-L5 level) Spinal Kinetics M6 Artificial Disc Replacement. The world renowned Disc Replacemenr Surgeon Dr. Ritter-Lang performed this life changing procedure. It was an experience that we came home excited to share with others, and an experience that gave me the push to open My Home Gym.

Justin | Multi-Level Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement | August 2017

I’m 4 weeks postop from a 2 level lumbar M6 Artificial Disc Replacement.  I’m very happy with the results performed by Dr. Ritter-Lang.  I’m finally back home and walking 4 miles a day.  In 6 months, I’m hoping I can start running and playing tennis again. I feel like I was given a second chance and I only wish more people knew about Dr. Ritter-Lang’s expertise. Thank you very much.

Tim Hendricks | Multi-Level Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement | Oct 2014

Famous tattoo artist Tim Hendricks was facing multi-level spine fusion here in the States. Then he found Artificial Disc Replacement. After undergoing 3-level ADR with the M6-L disc, he has returned to his passion while rediscovering big-wave surfing, skating, snowboarding, and even boxing!